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    Arcylic Panel Has Been Increasingly Used In Aquarium

    With the rise of ecological, environmental protection household concept, aquarium is no longer a synonym for glass jar, and it becomes more harmonious with our household circumstances. Those updated aquariums with innovative technical features become more and more popular by customers. Here I want to introduce a unique aquarium whose cylinder body is made of clear acrylic sheet. Acrylic is commonly known as organic glass, and its transparency can be compared with crystal, and its light

    transmittance can be as high as 92%.

    Arcylic Panel Has Been Increasingly Used In Aquarium

    From the apperance, it doesn't look quite differently from ordinary glass jar. The weather fastness of acrylic sheet of excellent, and both the hardness and ultralow temperature functional parameters are very high, while its density is only half of ordinary glass. The abrasion resistance of acrylic aquarium is very close to that of aluminium, and it can resist corrosion by various chemicals. Besides, its performance in ultraviolet resistance is very excellent, and it also has the properties of fire retardant, heat preservation and plasticity. All of those characteristics improve the security of this aquarium largely. Even the sealant of the cutting acrylic sheet is also luxurious. According to the introduction, good sealant should be acidic, which can make sure the aquarium will not break if soaking in water for a long time.

    Many fish fanciers don't use aquariums because it is difficult to change water. But with the adoption of new technology, the modern aquariums can realize automatic drain function through filter tank, so the changing water process becomes very convenient.

    Some manufacturers can also customize aquariums of different styles according the different household circumstances, which is generally realized by chaning the cabinets below the aquariums. If it is for Chinese style, you can choose the customized annatto cabinet, and if it is for European style, you can choose a white elegant cabinet.

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