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    How To Select High Quality Acrylic Sheets

    For the acrylic cutting boards market, acrylic products are accomplished relatively. It has been widely applied in instrument parts, automobile lamps, optical glasses,transparent pipes and so on, for its characteristics of light weight, transparent, weather-proof and easy forming process. In recent years, with the continuous development of machinery equipment and process technology, both the quality and quantity of acrylic products increased a lot, and its applications have become much more extensive, especially that it has been the particular light guide materials of LCD. Here let's analyze how to select high quality acrylic sheets together.

    1. High quality acrylic sheets are nonflammable material, and some businesses use many other materials to masquerade as acrylic products, while most of them are flammable.

    2. Generally speaking, high quality acrylic sheets have soft rubber edge leaving the factory. Some acrylic sheets are added with some recycled reformed edge in the production process, which is casually referred to as synthesizing acrylic plexiglass sheets.

    How To Select High Quality Acrylic Sheets

    3. We can also judge the quality by observing its thickness. The thickness of acrylic sheets vary from 1mm to 8mm, and the length has various specifications including 1250*2450, 1500*2000, 1000*1500, 1600*2100, 2000*3000 and 2100*3100 etc. Different thickness has different application, and customized size is also avaliable. For outdoor applications, we should choose acrylic products with higher thickness, while for some simple acrylic products such as acrylic accessories, lower thickness or medium thickness is enough.

    4. Clear acrylic sheet passes very pure white light, instead of yellow or blue light, which depends on the light transmittance of the material.

    5. Acrylic sheets of poor quality are very weak, and it fades fast from wind and sun exposure. So good acrylic sheets possess fair surface polish and transparency.

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